Sex Therapy. 

    From sexual dysfunction to preoccupying "hang-ups," I believe that many difficulties with sexuality are linked to a relationship and personal problems. By examining and treating those issues, we can successfully address and overcome many sexual symptoms and concerns.

    Specific Issues include: Erectile and performance problems, premature ejaculation, pre-orgasmic (never had an orgasm), pornography addiction, compulsive sexual behavior, low or no desire, sexuality in later life

    Relationship Issues

    No matter if you're a single person struggling with the modern dating world or a veteran couple dealing with the same issue you've discussed for decades, I believe real progress can be made through talking, insight, and experience.

    Specific issues include: pre-marital and marital counseling, communication problems, problems with children and teens, divorce counseling


    An often-neglected but strongly growing population, I find working with seniors and senior issues interesting, edifying and rewarding. My patients include seniors confronting the trials and surprises of aging. I have worked with families coping with aging parents.  

    Specific issues include- Aging, memory loss, illness, death and dying grief.

    I can help you make decisions and support you through this heartbreaking time

    Are you having to deal with difficult problems and decisions about your pet? As I have personally had to make hard and challenging choices about my various pets health, treatment, and termination of life, I can help you get through this sad and heartbreaking time